Poems by Charlotte Mandel
Color photographs by Vincent Covello
SBN 978-1625491213, 60 pages, $20.00
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"Through a Garden Gate invites you to a rare interweave of three arts-poetry, landscape design, and photography. The poems of Charlotte Mandel, inspired as she walked in the garden areas created by Vincent Covello, appear in this book face to face with Covello's stunning color photographs. The poems and photographs offer sensory experience as seasons change-water falling over rocks, sunrise aglow between standing stones, flash of lightning in a night sky, summer blossoms, winter icicles. This book opens the garden gate—enter."

“This book is absolutely beautiful.  Vincent Covello's photography is exquisite and Charlotte Mandel’s poetry is sublime. A treasure of garden beauty and poetic genius.”
 —  Sander Zulauf, Poet, Editor Emeritus of Journal of New Jersey Poets.

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"A gorgeous book.  This is a shared experience of visuals and poetry. The cultural terrain is nature’s beauty and the interpretation is spacious and calm. Two artists collaborate to interpret the world with a spectrum of views and poetic commentary. Reading this book is to enter a sanctuary of meditation, for it’s twice blessed with combined interests of what is natural and what is man created."
 — Reviewed by Grace Cavalieri as a Poetry Exemplar for National Poetry Month Best Picks, April 2015, Washington Independent Review of Books.

Winner of the 2012 NEW JERSEY POETS PRIZE
Charlotte Mandel

Photograph by Carol Nolde