by Charlotte Mandel
ISBN 978-1625490308, 98 pages, $18.00
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Poetry and life are interwoven in Charlotte Mandel's latest book titled LIFE WORK. The poems explore the progress of a loving marriage into loss and transcendence, homage to artists, concern for the effects of war on humanity and nature. The collection creates a tapestry of classic and original forms with rich imagery and precision.

"It is Mandel’s poems on her husband’s death I will remember above all this year for elegance and restraint.  She chooses formal diction in verse to achieve a firm focus while allowing gifted flexibility within the lines.  Our complex lives are richer for the clear beautiful eye of Charlotte Mandel--whether writing about a new sweater for an aged father or an estranged brother’s death, she grasps us out of our wilderness to say look at this truth, how language retrieves us from turmoil.” - Grace Cavalieri in The Washington Independent Review of Books. 

“In LIFE WORK, Charlotte Mandel reaffirms that rhythms, repetitions, and rituals sustain us. If there is a loss in that, there is also profound and quiet joy. - Kim Bridgford

“These are graceful, wise, and courageous poems. In Charlotte Mandel’s LIFE WORK, poetry is a help both during trouble and in the quiet after, helping us to figure out what we feel and challenging us to say it.” - Rachel Hadas

Winner of the 2012 NEW JERSEY POETS PRIZE
Charlotte Mandel

Photograph by Carol Nolde